Alimentor 2

Highly Rated Child Custody Calendar App for Divorcing Parents with Accurate and Customizable Court Admissible Reports

Record documentation in your child custody case.

Record documentation in your child custody case. Monitor compliance with an already established custody agreement.

One‑time purchase. No subscription fees.

Boost your self‑confidence

How often do you find yourself losing a dispute with your ex, simply because you don't remember the exact facts and circumstances?

Parenting Time Tracking

Log pick‑ups and drop‑offs. Add photos and PDF files. Control the timeshare percentage, total hours and overnights.

Call History

Log parent‑child calls (date, time, duration), including unanswered calls.

Expense Tracking

Track due and paid amounts. Add receipts. Export data to a spreadsheet.

Custody Calendar App with Timeshare Percentage Calculator

Custody Calendar

See how your custody schedule aligns with holidays and business events stored in your device calendar.

Actual vs. Planned

Document deviations from the established visitation agreement or parenting plan.

Detailed Reports

Create comprehensive reports containing color-coded calendars and send them to the other parent or submit to the court.

Alimentor 2 can be used by one parent, completely independent of whether the other parent is using it or not. If you want, you can share your data in several ways. You can send reports, automatically export your custody schedule to an external calendar (Gmail, iCloud...) or - if the other parent installs Alimentor - share your entire database.

Document Parenting Time

Schedule and track parenting time. Monitor compliance with your custody agreement.

Child Visitation Log Record

Track Important Details

Easily document all essential information such as dates, times, and locations. Take notes, upload scans, photos, and PDF files for a comprehensive record. Monitor missed or withheld visitations with a disagreement flag for non‑compliance with parenting plan.

Manage Custody with Ease

Effortlessly create complex visitation schedules using multiple recurring events. Modify individual occurrences to accommodate any agreed deviations from the regular schedule. Learn more...

No Schedule?

If you haven't established a fixed visitation schedule yet, don't worry. Alimentor allows you to log each actual visit as it occurs, ensuring you have an accurate record of your parenting time.

Actual vs. Planned

Monitor the gap between scheduled and actual: timeshare percentage, hours, overnights, expenses.

Custodial Timeshare

Controlling your custodial percentage timeshare is especially important in jurisdictions where it has a direct impact on the amount of child support you pay or receive. Alimentor calculates two types of custodial timeshare: based on hours and based on nights.

Dual Logging

Alimentor records store information about both scheduled and actual visitation dates and hours. Planned events that did not occur (no‑shows, withheld visitations, missing payments) are not lost and can be tracked and documented. Learn more...

Comparative Reports

Reports generated in Alimentor can show and compare planned and actual values. In order to visualize differences, both planned and actual visitations (and calls) can be reported in the same calendar.

Custody Schedule Calculations

Comprehensive Calendar

Visualize how your parenting time aligns with holidays and events stored in your device calendar.

Custody Calendar

Reduce Conflicts

Color-coded bars show events duration and illustrate how your custody schedule aligns with holidays and other important family or business events. Use external and built-in holidays calendars.

Learn how to create an optimum parenting schedule ▶

Printable Calendars

Alimentor reports include comprehensive monthly calendars that show all planned, actual and cancelled visitations and calls. Memos and events stored in your device calendars can also be included. Below each calendar you will find the total number of scheduled and actual parenting time hours and nights, timeshare percentage, plus total duration of calls.


Set up automatic export of Alimentor events to external calendar accounts (Gmail, Outlook,… ) to indirectly share your records with someone who is using Android or Windows.

Track Expenses

Track expenses and reimbursements for multiple caregivers and children.

Control Expenses

Use Alimentor to control your budget. Plan recurring and one‑time expenses (plus set reminders if you like). Then track actual amounts paid, indicate missing payments and disagreements.

Track Reimbursements

Log payments between parents to manage reimbursements.

 iOS  Use the built‑in percentage calculator to easily create reimbursements based on recorded expenses following percentages set by the court.

Store Receipts

 iOS  Use the built‑in document scanner to conveniently add scans of receipts to your records. You can also attach multiple PDF documents to each expense.

Learn more about tracking expenses and reimbursements ▶

Tracking Child Raising Expenses

Log Call History

Court ordered communication via telephone or video chat is a standard provision in many states. Use Alimentor to keep a history of parent‑child calls (date, time, duration), including unanswered calls.

Logged Call Record

Easy Logging

 iOS  Add contact details to your child’s profile in Alimentor to quickly initiate calls directly from the Event Editor. When the call is ended, the date and duration fields are automatically updated.

Missed Calls?

You can even log unanswered calls to document situations where the other parent did not pick up the phone or you were unable to have a conversation with your child.

Best Interests of the Child

Minimize the time needed to prepare a legal brief.

Best Interests

The term "best interests of the child" refers to the deliberation that courts undertake when deciding what type of services, actions, and orders will best serve a child as well as who is best suited to take care of a child. "Best interests" determinations are generally made by considering a number of factors related to the child’s circumstances and the parent or caregiver’s circumstances and capacity to parent.

Record Tagging

Tag your records with best interests factors and generate the "Best Interests of the Child" report. Give this document to your attorney to minimize the time needed to prepare a legal brief.

Learn more about best interests factors ▶

Custody Factors

Flexible Reporting

Presenting solid documentation concerning custody, your child’s best interests and well‑being is vital in custody disputes. Create, send and print comprehensive reports. Witness the peace of mind that comes with having indisputable evidence at your fingertips.

Child Custody Schedule Calendar App

PDF Reports

Create easy to read comprehensive reports containing: color-coded calendars, detailed event listings (parenting time, expenses, calls, memos), summaries and comparisons, photos and attachments. Send them to the other parent or submit to the court.

Sample Report

Spreadsheet Export

You can also export your data to a spreadsheet file (.xlsx) in order to perform some advanced calculations or to create charts.

Sync and Share

Securely backup, sync and share your data using Apple’s iCloud.

iCloud Sync

Alimentor uses Apple's CloudKit, part of iCloud, to sync, backup and share your data and therefore you do not need a separate account/login process.

When iCloud Sync is enabled, Alimentor 2 securely stores your records in a private iCloud container. This level of privacy means that even Alimentor developers can not access your data.

You can easily share your database with other Alimentor users. Learn more...


You can also set up automated export of Alimentor events to external calendars (Gmail, Outlook,… ). This comes in handy when you want to share your data with someone who is not using Alimentor. Learn more...

Shared Custody Calendar App

Co‑Parenting During Divorce

Going through divorce or legal separation is challenging.
Discover how using Alimentor can help you embrace the change and get an optimum child custody agreement.

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Documentation in Child Custody Cases

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How to Create an Optimum Parenting Schedule

Learn how you can plan your time with kids to increase their emotional security and minimize conflicts with other commitments.

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Tracking Expenses and Reimbursements

Learn how to use Alimentor expense tracking functionality to control your finances during and after divorce.

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Sharing Child Custody Data

3 Ways to Share Your Data

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