Alimentor 2

Child Custody Tracker

Dedicated mobile app for divorced parents who seek a fair recognition of their child raising efforts.

All details in one place

A convenient way to keep track of all important child raising efforts

Custody Calendar

See how your custody schedule coincides with holidays and events stored in your device calendar.

Parenting Time Tracking

Log pick‑ups and drop‑offs. Add photos and PDF files. Control the timeshare percentage, total hours and overnights.

Call History

Log parent‑child calls (date, time, duration), including unanswered calls.

Custody Calendar and Timeshare Percentage in Alimentor 2

Expense Tracking

Track due and paid amounts. Add receipts. Export data to Microsoft Excel.

Actual vs. Planned

Document deviations from the established visitation agreement or parenting plan.

Detailed Reports

Create easy-to-read reports containing color-coded calendars and send them to the other parent or your lawyer, or submit to the court.

Visitation Record in Alimentor 2

Document Parenting Time

Schedule and track parenting time. Monitor compliance with your custody agreement.

  • Log dates and times. Add notes, photos and PDF attachments.
  • Simulate your child visitation schedule using recurring events.
  • Generate detailed visitation calendar reports.

Track Expenses

Track expenses for multiple caregivers and children.

  • Define recurring payments and set reminders.
  • Track due and paid amounts, indicate disagreements.
  • Document expenses by adding notes, photos and PDF files.
List of Expenses in Alimentor 2
Maintaining Call History in Alimentor 2

Log Calls

Court ordered communication via telephone or video chat is a standard provision in many states. Use Alimentor to keep a history of parent‑child calls (date, time, duration), including unanswered calls.

  • Store contact details for each child.
  • Initiate calls directly from the event editor.
  • Log successful and failed contact attempts.

Actual vs. Planned

Monitor the gap between scheduled and actual: timeshare percentage, hours, overnights, expenses.

  • Concurrently log planned and actual: parenting time and expenses.
  • Document deviations, missed visitations and past due payments.
  • Store emails and other documents as attachments in PDF format.
Viewing Search Results in Alimentor 2
Custody Calendar in Alimentor 2

Comprehensive Calendar

Visualize how your parenting time aligns with holidays and events stored in your device calendar.

  • Report scheduled and actual parenting time in the same calendar.
  • See at a glance the duration of events thanks to color-coded bars.
  • Use external and built-in holidays calendars (US, CA, AU).

Best Interests of the Child

The term “best interests of the child” refers to the deliberation that courts undertake when deciding what type of services, actions, and orders will best serve a child as well as who is best suited to take care of a child. “Best interests” determinations are generally made by considering a number of factors related to the child’s circumstances and the parent or caregiver’s circumstances and capacity to parent.

Use Alimentor to tag your records with the “best interests” factors and generate the “Best Interests of the Child” report. Give this document to your attorney to minimize the time needed to prepare a legal brief.

Best Interests Factors in Alimentor 2
Child Custody Report in Alimentor 2

Customizable Reports

Create easy to read reports (.pdf) containing color-coded calendars and send them to the other parent or submit to the court. Edit user settings to adjust the layout of the report to your individual needs.

Sample Report

You can also export your data to a spreadsheet file (.xlsx) in order to perform some advanced calculations or to create charts.

Sample Spreadsheet

iCloud Sync

Securely backup, sync and share your data using Apple’s iCloud. Grant other Alimentor users instant read-only access to your data. Learn more...

  • Avoid accidental data loss when your device is lost or damaged.
  • Sync data across your own devices.
  • Share data with other Alimentor users (read‑only).
iCloud Sync in Alimentor 2

Improve co‑parenting experience

Help your efforts earn recognition

1. Stop missing out

You can start by tracking past events. Log visitations and expenses (including receipts). Add photos. Store emails and other documents as attachments in PDF format.

After a few weeks start analyzing your timeshare percentage and spending. Read what you have collected and decide if there are any insignificant records that you can remove. Decide what record titles work best. Short, generic titles usually let you better categorize your records. Then determine if you are ready to share your data. You can ask the other parent to install the app and use Alimentor sharing features, or simply begin to regularly send PDF reports.

Use the collected information to develop a regular custody schedule and agree how you will split child raising costs.

Reading Alimentor usage tips will help you efficiently use the app from the start.

2. Start planning

Use recurring events to model your regular visitation schedule. If you allow Alimentor to access your device calendar, you will be able to see how your custody schedule aligns with holidays and other important family or business events. Once your Alimentor calendar setup is complete, review upcoming months and discuss with the other parent how you can reschedule conflicting visitations. Try to work out rules for planning holidays. When editing individual planned visitations, always check how these changes affect your timeshare percentage.

If you are not using Alimentor sharing functionality, then once every few months generate a long term report containing planned visitations calendar and send it to the other parent.

Use iCloud calendar subscriptions to subscribe to a state specific holidays calendar.

Add recurring expenses to monitor your bills.

3. Strengthen control

Establishing a realistic parenting agreement can be challenging. Ensuring compliance with it is usually even a more tedious task.

To let you document and control the gap between your parenting plan and reality, each Alimentor record can store information about both planned and actual visitation dates and hours. For the same reason, you mark planned events that did not occur (no-shows, withheld visitations, missing payments) as cancelled, instead of deleting them. To get the complete picture use the disagreement flag to indicate records that document situations when the other parent did not comply with the established parenting plan. Learn more...

Regularly generate and send Alimentor reports that list and summarize all discrepancies.

If you decide to renegotiate your parenting plan, consider exporting your Alimentor database to a spreadsheet and preparing dedicated statistics.

Build confidence

Writing down your child raising efforts is a deeply satisfying activity. Become more organized. Assess better whether or not you are working towards your goals.

Improve communication

Sharing detailed written information about parenting activities with the other parent regularly is always the best practice. It may encourage a more co‑operative approach.

Going to Court?

Minimize the time needed to prepare a legal brief by generating the “Best Interests of the Child” report. Stay organized and encourage your lawyer to effectively represent you.

What is new in Alimentor 2

Alimentor 2 and Alimentor 1 are two separate apps. Learn more...

PDF Attachments

  • Multiple PDF documents and photos can be added to a single data record (up to 5 MB).
  • Documents can be added using iOS Document Picker or Universal Clipboard.
  • Generated reports can contain attached documents.

Enhanced Reports

  • New chapter: “Best Interests of the Child”.
  • User selectable layouts: Actual, Scheduled, Actual vs. Scheduled.
  • Scheduled and actual parenting time can be output in the same calendar.
  • Calendars now display event titles and can contain events from selected device calendars.

Refined User Interface

  • New record type “Call” for logging call history.
  • Quicker calendar navigation, faster search, simplified timeline, improved preview.
  • Parenting time records for the same caregiver and child can overlap.
  • Enhanced settings for creating recurring events.

Alimentor 2 for iOS

No subscription fees. No in-app purchases.

Alimentor 2.1.9 is available for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 12.1 or later.

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