Child Custody Tracker

Dedicated mobile app for divorced parents who seek a fair recognition of their child‑raising efforts.

All details in one place

A convenient way to keep track of all important child‑raising efforts

Parenting Time Tracking

Track efforts of multiple parents and guardians. Control the timeshare percentage, total hours and nights.

Expense Tracking

Track and analyze your spending by persons, categories & titles. Export data to Microsoft Excel.

Actual vs. Planned

Log and report deviations from the established visitation agreement or parenting plan.

Custody Tracker

Detailed Reports

Make sure your efforts earn recognition. Use monthly reports to keep the other parent updated.

Intuitive Calendar

See how your custody schedule aligns with holidays and daily events stored in your device calendar.

iCloud Sync

Alimentor uses Apple's CloudKit, part of iCloud, to let you backup, sync and share your data.

Document Parenting Time

Schedule and track parenting time. Monitor compliance with your custody arrangement. Log events for multiple parents and guardians, including grandparents and babysitters.

  • Simulate your child visitation schedule using recurring events.
  • Monitor the timeshare percentage and overnight totals.
  • Get detailed monthly visitation calendar reports.
  • Search entries by title, person, notes.

Track Expenses

Plan expected costs and log actual payments. Assign expenses to multiple parents and guardians. Indicate disagreements.

  • Define recurring payments and set reminders.
  • Document expenses by adding notes and photos.
  • Customize expense categories.
Expense Tracker
Actual vs. Planned

Actual vs. Planned

Use Alimentor to concurrently log planned and actual: visitation time and payments. To get the whole picture, track missed visitations and past due payments. When needed, attach screenshots of text message conversations or copy text from an email and paste it into the notes field. Send detailed reports indicating deviations from the established visitation schedule or parenting plan to the other parent.

  • Monitor the gap between planned and actual timeshare percentage.
  • Document deviations, missed visitations and past due payments.
  • Generate comprehensive PDF reports.

See what’s coming up

Alimentor calendar can display events stored in your device calendar to visualize how your custody schedule aligns with daily events and holidays.

  • Color-coded time bars show exact events duration.
  • Generates planned visitations calendar report.
  • Contains built-in holidays calendar (US, CA, AU).
  • Today view Reminders widget and Apple Watch support.
Alimentor Report

Produce Convincing Documents

Create easy-to-read reports that can be sent to the other parent. User settings let you flexibly tailor the report content to your individual needs. Choose a period, persons and sections. Print, send or save to iBooks.

  • Create customized monthly & yearly reports. View sample ▸
  • Export data to a multitab spreadsheet (.xlsx). View sample ▸
  • Access output files on your PC using Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

iCloud Sync (optional)

Securely backup, sync and share your data using Apple’s iCloud. You can give other Alimentor users instant read-only access to your data. Flexibly define access rights for each user, choose persons and types of events to be shared.

  • Avoid accidental data loss when your device is lost or damaged.
  • Sync data across your own devices.
  • Share data with other Alimentor users (read‑only).

Improve co‑parenting experience

Help your efforts earn recognition

Stop missing out

Writing down your child‑raising efforts is a deeply satisfying activity. Become more organized. Better assess whether or not you’re working towards your goals. Build confidence.

Improve communication

Sharing detailed written information about parenting activities with the other parent regularly is always the best practice. It may encourage a more co‑operative approach.

Going to Court?

Record dates, times, locations, exact quotations, actions, facts and what you have seen, done or what you see others do. Stay organized and encourage your lawyer to effectively represent you.


Simple and intuitive user interface, optimized for maximum productivity

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Alimentor 1.9.4 is a universal iOS app that requires iOS 10.2 or newer and supports different screen sizes and resolutions (iPhone 3.5", 4", 4.7", 5.5", iPad).