Tips for Using Alimentor During COVID‑19 Pandemic

Practical ideas for using Alimentor during Coronavirus to reduce its negative impact on your family.

Tomasz Domański

Alimentor Author

Log Potential Exposures

Every time you or someone who lives with you has contact with other people (including friends, co‑workers, and even doctors), make a memo in Alimentor. If someone gets a positive COVID‑19 test result, you will be able to check your diary and take appropriate actions.

Adjust Custody Schedule

Review your custody schedule and decide with the other parent how you should adopt it to minimize the risk of getting infected without sacrificing relationships with your kids.

If you come to the conclusion that kids should stay with one of the parents during the pandemic, schedule regular calls that will allow the other parent keep contact with children.

Scheduling Regular Calls

Add Emergency Info

Add memos with documents that may be useful in emergency situations, for example if you or your children are to be hospitalized.

Consider sharing Alimentor database with your former spouse and close relatives so they can access this information if needed.

Complement Your Records

If you have been stuck at home and are looking for productive ways to spend time, consider enhancing your Alimentor database. From this article you will learn how reliable documentation can help in child custody disputes.

Sample actions that are worth taking:
  • Check you email correspondence for messages that can be used during custody dispute. You can convert email conversations into PDF documents that can be stored in Alimentor records.
  • If you have collected receipts or other printed documents that you need to scan, now may be a good time to do so. Alimentor for iOS features a built‑in document scanner for capturing and processing paper documents.
  • To preserve device memory and cloud storage delete obsolete Alimentor records that are no longer useful.